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Varastossa / Myymälässä

Hyppää ratsun selkään ja rupea harjoittamaan uutta mestari hevosta!

Join Flora and her friends in a new exciting adventure and travel from Alsace to China in search of a mysterious treasure. Enter a prestigious Italian horseback riding school and take care of your own horse but also a lovely foal. Manage your schedule and trainings to become the new champion!

Manage your schedule between your trainings and horse care in a brand new academy. Discover new characters and meet again with your friends from Alexandra Ledermann 6. For the first time, take care of an adorable foal! Italy, Alsace and China: only plebiscite elected sceneries. A completely new and modernized dressage mode. 5 different and perfectly reproduced horse breeds. More expressive characters with lips and eye movements. Enchanting and thinner 3D sceneries emphasised by a new dynamic camera system. Follow the horses pace in a brand new Dance Dance Revolution-like gameplay.

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