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Dead or Alive tarjoaa näyttävää toimintaa, aitoja muotoja ja tuntuvia iskuja!

The newest instalment to the world-renowned fighting game franchise, Dead Or Alive: Dimensions makes its way onto the Nintendo 3DS.


  • Fast-paced, stylish fighting in 3D
  • Uses the 3DS for wireless battles with friends, as well as utilising its StreetPass/Tag Mode for data exchange
  • Features in-game move list on the Touch Screen with possible Touch Screen input for easy combinations
  • Sure to give fans the definitive DOAD experience and show true beauty of fighting games to those who have forgotten how truly exhilarating the genre is
  • Supports multi-player mode with Multi-Card only
  • Supports online via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection
  • Supports Street Pass – This is for virtual fighting by data exchange with the prize “Figurine of the characters” as rewards

    Nintendo 3DS -konsoli

    HUOM. tuote ei toimi vanhemmilla DSLite tai DSi -pelikonsoleilla.

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