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From The Abyss, an action RPG exclusively for Nintendo D! Developed by Sonic Powered, players will be able to explore the vast world of Rubenhaut through a unique world creation engine exclusively created for From The Abyss. The game also features an intuitive control scheme, lavish artwork, and an engaging 2 player co-op battle system.

  • Create your own unique Abyss! Every time you start a brand new journey, the game will randomly generate a custom world that will give you a unique experience every time!
  • Customize your character!?Distribute your skill points that define your character’s powers and destiny. Will you go the way of the sword or be a powerful spell caster?
  • Capture your enemy’s soul!?Steal the enemy’s techniques and use them to turn the tide of the battle!
  • Co-op Mode!?Connect with a friend wirelessly and work together to defeat the Dark Lord of the Abyss!

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