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Loppunut / tilaustuote. Toimitusaika 1-10 päivää.

Officially recreated under Kawasaki license, Jet Ski offers a level of playability that allows players to easily get into the roll of things. Players can utilise the Wii control system allowing both precision and easy movement of the Jet Ski.

  • A wide array of impressive tracks from famous location from around the world, including The Thames (London), Taiwanese Islands, Canadian Rookies and the Canals of Venice.
  • There is really no way one could find this title lacking in the long-term. With the vigorous challenges that await in the Championship mode to the more self-improving challenges of Time Trial, and of course the all out mayhem of the Two-Player mode.
  • However as impressive as these modes are, Stunt mode is certainly a stand out. Master a wide range of cool tricks available to perfectly control the Jet Ski during air. The sheer level of addictiveness the Wii Remote provides, it is really just all here.
  • Impressive sound delivering a number of ambient effects as well as the more brutal engine sounds, metal clashes and of course character voices and grunts.
  • Kawasaki Jet Ski is perfect for the Wii, not only with gameplay, playability and challenge but also showing what the Wii hardware is capable of amassing huge, clean 3D worlds with mind-blowing effects.