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Texas Hold 'Em Poker will bring all the action from the poker table into your palm on the Nintendo DS. Compete in a limit or limitless Quick Game mode versus 10 computer players or in the Tournament Mode against up to five friends via Wi-Fi multi card multiplayer support. Go 'all in' with the hottest poker game around: Texas Hold 'Em Poker!

  • Compete in Quick Game, Tournament and Career Modes.
  • Advanced bluff mechanic providing a myriad of tells, emotions and reactions.
  • Touch screen features including win percentages, action buttons, and chip management.
  • Full Texas Hold 'Em Poker game play, including 5/10 Limit Play, 25/50 Limit Play, Pot Limit, and No Limit Play.
  • Six person Wi-Fi multiplayer.
  • Password entry feature allows players to save their bankroll for future games in Career Mode.
  • Play in country-wide tournaments and ultimately compete in Las Vegas for the Texas Hold 'Em Poker Championship!