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Dance Fest PS2

Dance Fest PS2


Dance Fest is a pop lover’s Dance Mat extravaganza. Set in a TV pop show environment, Dance Fest is jam-packed with classic pop superstars such as the Sugababes, Steps and M People! Dance mat enthusiasts can have fun toning up with this disco inferno using the Dance Fest fitness mode, or just dazzle spectators with their very own ‘dare-to-be-seen’ dance routines.
  • TV Entertainment – create Top of The Pops in your own home
  • Recorder mode: Select a dance track, record a routine and then dance to your it as it is played back
  • Second mat plug in: Plug in a second dance mat so that two dancers can dance together at the same time
  • Players: Up to eight player game
  • Fitness mode: Enter your weight and burn off calories while dancing. The calorie counter will add up the total number of calories burnt during each song

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