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Lumines II is the highly anticipated sequel to the extremely addictive puzzle-based video game, Lumines. To play Lumines II, gamers control squares made of four smaller block pieces that are dropped into the playing field, one at a time, to form same-colour rectangles. The vertical timeline sweeps across the playing field from left to right, and wipes the same-colour rectangles from the playing field. Unmatched blocks pile up and the game ends when the pile gets to the top of the playing screen. Advance through many action-packed levels, each with its own musical theme and sound effects.
Lumines II also features music written exclusively for the game by Japanese artist Shinichi Osawa, also known as MONDO GROSSO, who provided the opening track for the original Lumines. Tracks from Ken Ishii (DJ/producer) and TECHRIDERS, both from Japan, are also in the game. With more than 60 stylish skins, wireless two-player ad hoc gameplay, all new battle modes, sensational new 3D backgrounds, and all-new graphics and streaming video, Lumines II promises to deliver an addictive video game experience on a whole new level.

Music videos include:

  • Beck – Black Tambourine
  • Black Eyed Peas – Pump It
  • Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar
  • Fatboy Slim – Gangster Trippin'
  • The Go! Team – Bottle Rocket
  • Gwen Stefani – Hollaback Girl
  • Hoobastank – Born to Lead
  • Junior Senior – Take My Time
  • Missy Elliott – Lose Control
Two additional songs will also appear on the game’s soundtrack:
  • Junkie XL – Breezer
  • Stigmato Inc – Reality Check

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