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Loppunut / tilaustuote. Toimitusaika 1-15 päivää.

With its stylised look and feel SEGA Presents Touch Darts grabs darts by the flight and boldly steps up to the oche.

Players can use the unique touch screen of the Nintendo DS to accurately simulate the throwing of a dart and by drawing the stylus over the touch screen, players will be able to aim their dart and throw it with all the precision of a seasoned pro.

  • Perfect arrows – A unique game mechanic perfectly suited to the DS. Take complete control of your darts and throw them to glory with the innovative control system.
  • Full player roster – A full complement of exciting and extrovert characters, each with unique approaches and finishing moves, and all drawn in a fresh graphic style.
  • Career – Progress from the local pub team to become World Champion and fill your trophy cabinet.
  • Challenge – Take on a series of 10 mini-games based on classic darts games and original concepts, and work your way through to win star prizes!
  • Versus mode – Take on your friends with a variety of multiplayer options.