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2 teratavun ulkoinen kovalevy Xbox Onelle ja Xbox 360:lle.

Expand your Xbox One or Xbox 360 gaming experience

My Passport X gaming storage expands your Xbox One, Xbox 360 or PC gaming experience. Connect this portable and powerful drive to immediately add storage capacity to your system. Built around a high-quality WD drive, the My Passport X gaming storage is performance-tweaked to meet the desires of serious gamers.

More zombies, more race tracks, more worlds to conquer

With room for up to 50* Xbox One games and up to 250* Xbox 360 games, the My Passport X drive is the perfect way to expand your gaming experience.

*The number of games is based on a 36 GB average per game for Xbox One, and 7 GB for Xbox 360. The number of games you can store on this hard drive will vary based on the size, number of games, other programs, formatting, and other factors.