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MXGP for PS4 is a next generation consoles title. An enhanced edition of the latest Milestone’s motocross game MXGP. This version of MXGP features all the tracks from the 2013 championship, including the ones left out in the previous edition. Next generation consoles grant more power and flexibility to add more details and quality to the game. MXGP takes advantage from more definition graphics and an overall visual improvement.

4 new tracks for a full MXGP experience! Italy – Arco di Trento Bulgaria – Sevlievo Czech Republic – Loket The Netherlands – Lierop Red Plate – As in reality, the rider leading the standings has his own number plate with a different colour (red). PS4 exclusive feature, the changing of light on the controller depending on the bike’s engine RPM Deformable terrain with improved graphics More detailed models of motorcycles. Size of the texture four times more detailed than PS3 version. 3D character models improved New Lighting environmental system (with Yebis 2.) Improved audio with wider 3d sound positioning (with F-Mode) More riders on the track at the same time

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