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NHL 2K10 Wii

NHL 2K10 Wii

  • Face-Off Online: Improving from past online features, NHL 2K10 allow players to create online teams, play in leagues and join tournaments.
  • Control the Puck: Improved controls let players have smoother puck handling; New to the 2K series is defensive moves like stick lifts and the ability to take stumble shots.
  • Better Graphics: The quality of the players appearances will be improved to make them look like their real life counterpart. Building from last year’s game (NHL 2K9), NHL 2K10 has brighter arenas and realistic pre-game introductions like those seen in real life.
  • Smarter Hockey: Ameliorating the A.I. to make the gameplay more realistic so players will be in their offensive, defensive zones, and have accurate positioning which will improve breakouts.

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