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Varastossa / Myymälässä


Varastossa / Myymälässä

Animal Doctor is part of Ubisoft’s Imagine video game series, the first ever dedicated brand developed to appeal to girls age 6–14, which will continue to grow as part of the company’s long-term vision for casual gaming.

Animal Doctor allows young girls to expand their creativity and run their own veterinary clinic. Explore the world of animals and medical care where players are responsible for:

Deliver fast and accurate diagnoses using the stylus as a stethoscope, x-ray, syringe, microscope and thermometer. Cure dozen of diseases and injuries such as dehydration, broken legs, inflammations, bronchitis, fleas and others. Increase your reputation by curing the animals, and in turn, making their owners happy. Cure friends’ horses or send horses to friends for training using Nintendo wireless play to connect with Petz Horsez 2 for DS.