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The Turtle Beach Ear Force PS4™ Chat Cable keeps you connected with friends and teammates on PSN by providing the link between your PS4 Controller and Turtle Beach gaming headset.

The PS4 Chat Cable is specifically designed for Turtle Beach headsets. Most other available 3.5mm to 2.5mm cables WILL NOT WORK with Turtle Beach headsets.

Ear Force® Surround Sound Headset Compatibility: * PX5 * XP500 * XP400 * X42 * X41 * DX12 * DX11 * DPX21 * DXL1 * Call of Duty® Black Ops II TANGO * Call of Duty® Black Ops II X-RAY * Call of Duty® MW3 Delta

Ear Force® Stereo Headset Compatibility*:

* X12 * X11 * XL1 * X32 * X31 * XP300

*Requires RCA OUT (stereo) jacks on television or audio receiver for PS4™ game audio.

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