Way of the Samurai 4 on 1800-luvun puoliväliin sijoittuva toimintaseikkailu, jossa otat harteillesi samurain viitan. Tehtävänäsi on navigoida eturistiriitojen virtauksissa, kun perinteiset samuraiarvot, länsimaiset vaikutteet ja hallituksen edistysmieliset virkamiehet yrittävät kaikki luoda halumansa tulevaisuuden Japanille.

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Way of the Samurai 4 PS3

Way of the Samurai 4 PS3

Way of the Samurai 4 takes place in mid- 19th century Japan as the Edo period is coming to a close. For hundreds of years Japan has remained isolated from the outside world and free of foreign affairs or cultural influence. Now, for the first time in centuries, Japan has opened its borders to the world beyond. This new cultural landscape has created countless opportunities for the ambitious, and players are thrown into this world as a masterless samurai looking to make a name for himself.

Players will begin their experience in Way of the Samurai 4 by crafting their own customized character. After creating their samurai warrior from one of three distinct age groups – youth, young man or middle-aged – players are cast into a tumultuous power struggle between three factions: the shogunate pro-governmental forces, the nationalistic isolationists, and the foreign powers who are heavily influenced by the British Navy.

Character Customization: Create your own customized samurai warrior, starting as one of three distinct age groups – youth, young man, or middle-aged man.

Quests and Missions: How you select which missions and quests to undertake will determine the storyline and endings; the quests and missions will shape your loyalties to each of the three feuding factions, thus affecting your destiny.

Dynamic Combat System: A massive line-up of customizable bladed and gunpowder-based weapons will make your samurai warrior unstoppable!

Online Feature: Player characters from other people’s games may enter your game as computer-controlled assassins! Defeat these intruders to claim the items equipped by the invading avatars.

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