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Cocoto Festival + 4 Guns Wii

Cocoto Festival + 4 Guns Wii

The continued adventures of Cocoto Fairy, Cocoto’s little friend, is in danger once again. Cocoto must immediately pull the trigger to get rid of all his enemies and run to her rescue.
Become one of the 4 heroes of the Cocoto saga and discover 150 brand new shooting games, often off-the-wall, always fun, and accessible for all members of the family. And since 4 players can play against each other at the same time, they will have to put up a good fight to be able to use the 2 guns Wii™ that comes with the game!

• An easy, quick and fun game, accessible for all members of the family!
• 4 can play at the same time!
• 150 brand new shooting games!