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Secret Mysteries is a hidden object game for the 3DS, which uses the unique 3D capabilities, set in the early 1920s where the player is searching for a serial killer while travelling through 14 locations in 5 different countries looking for clues.

The game will take place in two time settings. The present, where a journalist is reading an old diary of a Forensic Investigator about the Sculptor and the past, set in the 1920’s where the player is taking the role of the Forensic Investigator as is written in the diary, trying to catch the Sculptor.

The story will take place during the present time, where we find an investigative Journalist read the diary of the forensic investigator tasked with finding the Sculptor but failing in the end. Every time the Journalist starts to read the next storyline, the game will jump in to the HOG section.

The HOG section takes fully place in the past, where the player takes the role of the investigator in, as it is being told by the investigator.