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Kalasta koko kropalla. Suosittu kalastus sarja tulee Kinect:lle.

Who remembers the original version of SEGA Bass Fishing that came with the Fishing Controller on the SEGA Dreamcast? Activision then took that one step further with the gyro-sensor fishing rod for Rapala Pro Bass Fishing. Bearing this in mind, it probably won’t surprise you to learn that Activision has now announced the latest instalment in the Rapala franchise, and it’s heading straight for Kinect. Rapala for Kinect will feature “total-body motion controls” so that players can perform actions like casting, reeling in and setting the hook as if they were holding an actual fishing rod.

Up to four players can compete in drop-in, drop-out contests against the clock. Player versus player races will take place when travelling between fishing spots, followed by a “rapid fire” 45 seconds from cast to catch. Once that’s over, players can make use of complete Facebook integration to share their best catches with friends.

If you want to add a bit of humour, you can record your face and paste the results onto one of the game’s boss fish. Alternatively, all of the in-game Rapala branded lures will have unique personalities that allow them to communicate with you in “entertaining jibber jabber”.