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They’re back! Now PC users can also compete in exciting competitions in the home-computer classics Summer Games and Winter Games – where the gaming fun of yesteryear meets the high-res HD graphics of today. Together with 33 specially selected titles from the Amiga Classix® collection, this bundle of gaming classics offers hours of enjoyment. At the same time the COMPETITION PRO – arguably the best joystick ever – gives you that real retro feeling with its original 80s design, the famous click of its micro switches, and its modern-day USB connector – reviving the golden era of home computing.

* Digitaalinen PC USB joystick
* Alkuperäinen Competition Pro muotoilu
* Mikrokytkimet takaavat alkuperäisen tuntuman ja äänen
* Kestävä sauva metallijousilla
* 4 tulituspainiketta ja kytkettävä autofire-toiminto
* 35 klassikkopeliä yhdellä CD:llä: Winter Games ja Summer Games sekä 33 parasta Amiga Classix® peliä!