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The game features levels based on locations from the animated series, and also has a number of collectable objects from the Marvel Universe that unlock additional in-game content such as costumes, as well as some items being unlocked through completing mission objectives.

The Story Mode is loosely based on the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance franchise. After completing the first three missions, the player gets sent to the Hellicarrier to either continue with their mission or try out Freeplay or even find some hidden objects in the Hellicarrier each time a mission is completed.

Master All Your Superpowers – Use each superhero’s unique power to help solve tricky puzzles and fight enemies It’s Battle Time – Fight enemies in Superhero City, Deep Space and unique Marvel Universe environments across 19 story levels Multiple Ways to Hero Up – Enjoy hours of fun with 3 different modes of play (Story, Challenge and Freeplay modes) and the ability to replay levels with different sets of heroes Power in Numbers – Form your own squad with up to three friends and choose from the 30 heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe New Environments and Heroic Feats – Collect rare items and complete key objectives to unlock hidden levels and costumes

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