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Champions of Norrath PS2

Champions of Norrath PS2

Set several hundred years before the timeline of the current EverQuest PC game, Champions of Norrath allows gamers to adventure as one of five playable characters who must journey from the city of Faydwer into the wilds of Norrath to save the land from a gathering army of evil orcs and goblins. The game offers up to 70 hours of gameplay per character and fierce battles, deadly missions and unmatched character customization.

The game also includes the following features:

  • Five Champions to Master – Select from five races and five classes (Female and Male versions)
  • Thousands of Items – More than 10,000 in-game items with random generation and ability to create your own
  • Huge Combat World – 45 Levels to master with more than 50 areas to explore and conquer
  • Random Dungeon Generator – Randomly generated dungeons and monsters allow each game experience to be different. Never play the same game twice.
  • Champion Combat over the Internet or via Multitap – 4-player combat via Multitap or remote Network Adaptors
  • Champion Progression and Customization
  • Hundreds of Levels of combat and magic skills and abilities to master
  • Ability to select and specialize your skills, equipment and abilities
  • Customize your champions name, face, hair, skin tone and more
  • Save Your Champion – Import and download characters via Memory Card
  • Master Cold Steel and Wicked Magic – Combination, weapon and magic attacks ensure thrilling non-stop action
  • Combat ViewCam -Total camera control allows you to zoom in up close or view the battles from above

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