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Tuote tulee saataville 31.12.2017

In the multiplayer zombie survival game State of Decay 2, build a lasting community, working with other players or solo to overcome challenges while exploring your own unique story in a world that remembers the choices you make.

Each survivor in State of Decay 2 is their own person, with a unique mix of background traits, skills, and attitudes that determine what they can do, what they want, and what they are willing to do to get it. Use your community’s unique array of individuals to forge a path through the game that is personal to you. Your choices shape the identity of your community, ensuring that no two stories are alike. Explore an open, simulated world filled with dynamic zombie and human enemies, friendly survivors to recruit into your community, and valuable resources and gear necessary to keep your people alive. Play solo, or for the first time ever in the State of Decay franchise, with up to three of your friends. Each player maintains command of their own personal community and roster of characters.

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