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Tuote tulee saataville 31.12.2017


Tuote tulee saataville 31.12.2017

Löydä moottoriurheilun jännitys uudelleen

Kilpa-ajon vallankumous

Palkittu kilpa-ajosimulaattorisarja kaahaa ensimmäistä kertaa PlayStation 4:lle ja tuo nukanaan korkeaoktaanista jännitystä, joka saa sykkeesi nousemaan.

Polyphony Digital on kehittänyt yhteistyössä FIA:n (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) kanssa viimeiseen asti hienosäädetyn pelin, josta kaikki satunnaisista sunnuntaikuskeista kokeneimpiinkin vauhtihirmuihin voivat nauttia.
Kiinnitä turvavyö ja valmistaudu kahteen verkkokilpailusarjaan – edusta omaa maatasi Nations Cupissa ja aja suosikkiautovalmistajasi riveissä Manufacturer’s Cupissa.

Onnistutko saavuttamaan historiallisen voiton ensimmäisessä moottoriurheilumaailman viralliseksi osaksi tunnustetussa pelissä?

  • Real Cars – Including the latest road cars modeled to unprecedented precision in Gran Turismo history: We’ll start off by introducing four of them.
  • Original Cars – Co-starring race cars active in the real world of motorsports together with dream model GT3s for fans who wanted to see a GT3 version of their favorite cars. Experience it first-hand!
  • Tracks – In addition to the ever-popular Nürburgring Nordschleife (North Loop), there are a number of new tracks appearing for the first time in the Gran Turismo series. We will be introducing new tracks such as the legendary “Tokyo Expressway”.
  • Driving – Do you have the misconception that driving simulators are difficult? Driving itself is not that difficult in real life. There’s a way to really hone your skills, through a whole new world of natural, controllable driving.
  • Sport Mode – It’s one thing to be number one in the world, but quite another to do it with the pressures of representing your country. Do you have what it takes? Or how about driving for your favorite manufacturer? You can test your resolve in two championships officially certified by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de L’Automobile), where you’ll need more than just driving skill to be successful.
  • GT Sport Live – The official races of “Sport Mode” where top players from around the world will compete, are hosted on weekends in a match that will be broadcast live. TV quality Live cameras and live commentary, now in a video game.
  • Graphics – Equipped with Polyphony Digital’s own rendering engine and game engine, you can feel realistic “light”, and the expression of detail has advanced greatly.
  • Livery Editor – Equipped with a “Livery Editor” enabling the player to customize their own original livery. You can create your own original livery, or even try to recreate the livery of your favorite race cars.
  • Scapes – “Scapes” is a next generation Photo Mode of Gran Turismo themed on “Travel”, offering an amazingly attractive technology that may change the world of car photography as we know it.