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Xbox 360 KINECT lisälaite lyhentää käyttöetäisyyttä. Kinect Zoom kiinnitetään kameraan, ja vaadittava tila tippuu jopa 40 !

Decrease the space needed to play your favourite Kinect games with Nyko’s Zoom for Kinect. The Zoom reduces the play range required to enjoy Kinect software by up to 40, allowing you to play closer to your TV. Zoom’s wide angle lens also enables two people to play in an area normally only suitable for a single player making it ideal for those in smaller apartments or dorm rooms. Works with all Kinect software, no upgrades needed.

Up to 40% reduction in space needed to play
Compatible with all Kinect software
Play with 1 or 2 players in a smaller space
Easily clips over the Kinect Sensor – no modification or complex installation needed
Plug and play – no tuning, software or adjustment needed
Seamlessly blends in with the look of the Kinect Sensor

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